Produce – Tune into Nature

It is a guided mindfulness breathing meditation that immerses the viewer in a natural environment in order to help users deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, while the surroundings provide fascinating stimuli. Meditation may increase positive emotions and has been linked to reduced pain,

Stimuli such as bird song, the sound of trees, and water reflections are all natural processes that encourage soft fascination; they provide us with opportunities to think through situations and make decisions; to reflect on previous experiences and make sense of them. In other words, nature can help us process our emotions, al the 360 video recordings where done and edited by me.

This was part of a VR research project, where this application was created for the Oculus platform and the research was done using a mix of data gathering methods. Counting among the co-creators, I had the pleasure to work with the service users of a disability resource centre. The results of this experience suggest that there was a positive increase of the sense of wellbeing among the particpants after practicing this meditation.