Discovery – Concentration Game

Memory loss and cognitive challenges are common denominators among stroke survivors, and it is estimated that about one-third of the survivors will develop it. Older people are likely to suffer from it, too, with this condition can interfere with the normal functioning of the individualThe use of memory games has been linked with the flourishing of the mind allowing for better mental well-being.

360 visualization of the game.

“Discovery” is a 3D game with a first-person view, with a memory challenge component, where the gamer needs to find items across the sceneThis is a game which aims to help individuals to engage in a concentration activity with an added scope than entertainment, adding a layer of complexity using 3D space. The idea is to ask the users before they enter the digital world to find some objects in the scene, the scene is united with a visual narrative, for example, the player could travel to, The artic, The African Savanah, or Atlantis. After the player had discovered all the objects, the game will assign points depending on their performance. The theme in the scenario could change to drive re-playability.

This game prototype was created using Google Daydream, Xbox accessible controllers and Unity. It was part of a research project, using a mix of data gathering methods and counting among the co-creators service users of a disability resource centre.