A Journey Of Modern Art

This is a two people academic project, in which we envision the issues around engagement with modern art, and we try to draw the players closer to the ideas and artwork of people who in their time were affected  by events and ideas that changed the world, by using a storytelling trough a ludic experience experience as a framework.

In this Board game the players chooses an artist from the modern art period 1860s to the end of the 1960s, following a timeline interacting with a board representing real places, and moments that made history, this way creating a game which aim was to entertain and educate. To make a game serious you only need a goal!. For this reason we went into a journey of pen, paper and scissors to give life to this game, building the idea to then going in the cyclical process of negotiating the rules, affordances and mechanics of the game with the test-users.