Nunavut (2016)

The main idea behind this project was to portrait with images and audio a tundra scene, were I would be paying an homage to the old life style of the Inuit people in Nunavut, which is an arctic archipelago, mainly for this I searched for music and images that would represent them and their ways.

The project was developed in Unity 5, using the current UI system, I would like in the future use this as a reference and develop this project into Immersive virtual reality with enhanced assets and an interactive storytelling.

References & recognition:

  • The Songs used are free under the creative commons, (a) Katajjack (Intro), (b) Georgia Wetthling Larsen whirling woman (Scene)
  • The scripts were written by Jesus Eduardo Russian, and voice acted by Frederik Guizzetti
  • The Image sources are all from various creative commons resources