“The Bittersweet” – Log Fifteen

Let’s add some more audio… In this video I experiment with the spatial audio for VR in Unity, added sound to the clock, to the turning pages and the opening glass door. When I was a little boy  I used to be fascinated when the lip-synch  was out of time in the movies and was consistently… Continue reading “The Bittersweet” – Log Fifteen

The immersive Lab – Log Four

Technical challenges so far.. When working with Google cardboard you allways need to take on consideration the raw processing power of mobile devices, and be wise on how to distribute tasks, in this Blog I will be discussing by sections what challenges I faced this past two week.. Main Screen: The Main screen was  not… Continue reading The immersive Lab – Log Four

The immersive Lab – Log Three

Early design choices.. In this log I would like to take the opportunity to talk about the initial design choices and show some screens and comment on them. The first environment I tested was the cube, it has a room cube, baked lights a Player element (w/ Google virtual reality interactive elements for Cardboard and… Continue reading The immersive Lab – Log Three

“A journey of Modern Art” – Log Three

Fast forward a month after some play sessions and user tests , here we are with the final version of the assets. In this log we will take a look at a example of the assets designed for the artists profiles (Journeys), and the board. The artists journey : This cards represent the timeline of… Continue reading “A journey of Modern Art” – Log Three

“A journey of Modern Art” – Log Two

In this last two weeks we have defined the basics of our game, we have taken inspiration of other games and added some mechanics to include didactic gamification about this 3 focus topics People, Events and places. The initial board looks like this, in this game the board is constructed using as reference the cities… Continue reading “A journey of Modern Art” – Log Two