“The Bittersweet” – Log Fifteen

Let’s add some more audio…

In this video I experiment with the spatial audio for VR in Unity, added sound to the clock, to the turning pages and the opening glass door.

When I was a little boy  I used to be fascinated when the lip-synch  was out of time in the movies and was consistently trying to duplicate it. I created a dis-temporal audio file in audacity and added it to the dinner animation.  As well I added a tiny particle system to the radio to highlight the most powerful audio source of the scene.

I had so much fun doing this with one of my favorite works, Good bye for now “The Bittersweet”, Thank you for reading.

Astronomy is Awesome! (2017)

3Ds Max Modelling and animation For Unity

I created this 3D models to as my first 3ds max models and animation, Lego’s are awesome and I have had always loved them, so I was trying to get a bit of a surreal  and find an imaginative way to say you can go to the stars and excite people about sciences!, it was really fun to model and I was really delighted to find this new skills I have learned. Please watch the video of the full animation below!


“A journey of Modern Art” – Log Three

Fast forward a month after some play sessions and user tests , here we are with the final version of the assets. In this log we will take a look at a example of the assets designed for the artists profiles (Journeys), and the board.

The artists journey :

This cards represent the timeline of the artists lives, in this time line we can appreciate what were the most important points in their lives, and the pieces this moments influenced. there are 12 artists journeys however we are only showing This one as an example.


The Events :

In every board game you need elements that bring the story forward, in this case we created event cards, serving the purpose of adding more to the storytelling and teaching about the daily life of an struggling artist or art pieces that would be interesting for the learning.

History Cards

A history card is on order when the player pawn falls in a blue tile, this are cards that move the game forward by giving (or taking )to the players creativity points (the in game currency).


A Charade card is on order when the player pawn falls in a red tile, this are cards that move the game forward by having a mini game where player might if they win, earn point to advance or loose some if they loose.


A Charade card is on order when the player pawn falls in a Yellow tile, this are cards that move the game forward by using funny fictional common places of a struggling artist life.

The final design of the board :

This board represents the places /cities our artists visited or lived in and they are connected to the timeline cards, at the same time the boards connects the artist to certain events that may have or may not affected their life, The board is composed of cities and roads (Parts of the country were that city exists..)


“A journey of Modern Art” – Log Two

In this last two weeks we have defined the basics of our game, we have taken inspiration of other games and added some mechanics to include didactic gamification about this 3 focus topics People, Events and places.


The initial board looks like this, in this game the board is constructed using as reference the cities where the maestros of modern art started their career or were born, as well we worked in the game mechanics and rules.