Developers Blogs

The immersive VR Lab (2017):

This is a developer blog on the production of an immersive virtual reality experience to promote the idea of STEM subjects in higher education among pupils, this project was a request from the school of life sciences of the Glasgow University, following their applications requirements of utilizing pervasive technologies to reach as many students as possible, this application on Google cardboard was built for Android using only gaze interactions.

  • Log One – Introduction to the project
  • Log Two – The asset acquisition of the 360 material
  • Log Three – Early design Choices and Unity implementation
  • Log Four – Assets acquisition
  • Log Five – Biggest Challenges, 3D modelling, Hand Rigging, Animation
  • Log Six – Midway design choices & Audio implementation
  • Log Seven – Preliminary test
  • Log Eight – Final design look
  • Log nine –  User test
  • Log Ten – Degree Show display and final toughts

A Journey Of Modern Art (2016):

This is my personal record taking blog on a two people academic project, in which we envision the issues around engagement with modern art, and we try to draw the players closer to the ideas and artwork of people who in their time were affected  by events and ideas that changed the world, by using a storytelling trough a ludic experience experience as a framework.

  • Log One – The brief and early proposal.
  • Log Two – Early prop set up, discussion of the game mechanics.
  • Log Three – Final assets explained and their integration in the game mechanics.

The Bittersweet  (2016):

  • Log One – Introduction to the project
  • Log Two – Theories and initial ideas
  • Log Three – Having Fun with VR and exchanging ideas with others at VRUK
  • Log Four – A blog post to talk about my recent initial project submission
  • Log Five – Initial construction of “Scene I” and some challenges faced on the construction of it.
  • Log Six – Halfway constructing “Scene I” and how I could tackle the wine animation.
  • Log Seven – Final look to “Scene I”, still working 0n some animation and navigation.
  • Log Eight – Creating Meaningful textures and what types of navigation I will be working on the next Scenes.
  • Log nine – First Look at Scenes “II & III”
  • Log Ten – First Tests
  • Log Eleven – Work on progress
  • Log Twelve– Work on Progress
  • Log  Thirteen – Final user test
  • Log Fourteen – Conclusions
  • Log Fifteen – Conclusions

Therapy Glove (2016):