The Music Therapy Gloves – Log Four

Well,  boys and girls we are 4 weeks into this project already and we have done some nifty stuff, today I have met some peeps at uni and I think we have cracked what I need to do..  finally all the stuff has arrived, so please take a look at my ingredients!

IMG_20160224_110454.jpg @ uni who are giving me a hand, and guess what all my stuff has finally arrived!!!

I have sew the fabric to the gloves this week and I am testing it with some code from the internet.

“The Bittersweet” – Log Three

IMG_20160210_105351.jpgThis week has been exciting, as part of my research in VR interaction went to VRUK, an event where for 2 complete days there is VR Demos, and talks. As well agreed a structure for the next week with my tutor.



I did try a couple of demos, in this picture tried oculus and the “Wizdish”, and the fantastic View-master by Mattel. I even told the guy from the coffee shop my name was “VR” so he would write it on my cup.




“The Bittersweet” – Log Two

This week I have interesting to see how the IVR installation it’s developing, (1)  have finished an storyboard where I am dividing the scene in 3 parts touching the subjects of Autism that are more relevant to me.

  1. Difficulty with social communication
  2. Difficulty with social interaction
  3. Difficulty with social imagination.

(2) have researched what is possible to do with the LEAP MOTION (Libraries of gestures)  + OCULUS RIFT.

(3) and started the preliminary project essay by writing about the introduction.

(4) It’s not very clear to me how to go on about some sections on the project preliminary report, but I guess it will come naturally as this week progress.

The Music Therapy Gloves – Log Two

I have ordered most of the stuff I needed, Its so exciting to choose the stuff from the online store making your imagination to go fizzy thinking.. Omg I can do this, I can do that… Oh wait… let’s better create this!!!

I love the world of Textile electronics!!!!

Well guys I have discovered  this week that the second most important reason why human beings are  at the top of the evolutive ladder it’s because we can make precise hand clips, this allow us to sew, write and do  clinical the way apes can type.. so probably they can  program too.. dunno!

Anyway this week we are solving a problem related to a Lilypad board and the programming chip as they were bought from China If you have any ideas please do let us know how to solve it!!!

Arduino Lilypad ATMEGA328 5v 16MHz version & CH340G Adapter

Besos from London!!!


The Music Therapy Gloves – Log one


For this project I wanted to have fun and create something that would be quirky, fun and meaningful, so what would be better than a musical instrument. The funny thing about music is that modify our mood and has a powerful effect when we listen to it or remember it, and we humans find so much pleasure on it. However, something so perfect as music it’s created with imperfect instruments, and I wanted to be participant on creating one.

This instrument could hel people who for reason do not easily can use their mirror neurons, or for therapy for people who is rehab for their hands.




The idea:

To create gloves that have sensors in the fingers and every time they are touched emit audio signals, each one of them emits a different one, through the speakers located at the back of the palm. And every time the sensor in the ferule is bitten it emits a sound too. Making it really fun to coordinate different tunes with your mouth and fingers.

“The Bittersweet”

This is the first “Log” on following the development of my final project on a Bsc. in creative computing. Where I am to explore the possibilities and challenges of creating an experience in immersive virtual reality, where we will trough an artistic approach experience the wonderful and the awful of living with autism.

Today it was my first meeting with my tutor, we discussed very broadly how I would go on about telling the story in the project, where could I take inspiration from, and how I would explore the possibilities on regards of the software and hardware to be used.

  • In concrete we agreed on that I would start with a scripted storyboard telling the story I wanted to tell from beginning to the end.
  • I would research and document any type of hardware implementation I would find good to enrich this project.
  • And finally I would start writing about my project but before read other papers that she recommended to be inspired and have a taste of how a good paper should be written.

So far I have made a few decisions, (1) this is not a video game and I wish to move away from it, meaning that instead of having a wide range of options for navigation, audio etc. etc. it would be but an interactive cinematic experience made into software, where the user takes front seat and dives into this (2) few minutes of seeing and hearing what the  “other” would do.