The immersive Lab – Log Two

This week I had the pleasure to visit the teaching lab at the school of life sciences of Glasgow university, where I for the first time used the Samsung gear 360 camera to record the videos and 360 stills I will use to construct the application.

One of the biggest challenges I faced that day was  to communicate the ideas I had for this shoot to get everyone in the same page, that is a real skill that only the experience can give, as directing a piece and being in charge of the equipment at the same time can be challenging, I prepared scripts and pseudo-scripts for the students with anticipation, it was loads of hard work, but I feel it did pay in the end.

I was quite lucky to have such a group of good talented students to help me put the vision I had together, as well as the lecturers who helped me on setting everything up (thank you ladies you are the best! ) , I will discuss in the next blog how I will implement this images on UNITY, thank you for reading.