“A journey of Modern Art” – Log One

Welcome to my new blog section, this blog has been created to record the production of my latest enterprise. As part of my  “Msc. Serious games and virtual reality”, we are taking a core on game design, in this course we play board games, we read academic papers about games and talk about games as a whole and the benefits they can bring to us when properly used.

The brief of this project was to create a game about “Modern Art” at open interpretation. This of course is not as easy as it seems.”Serious games” have a purpose in the life of many living forms, lion cubs learn how to embrace their preys, Antelopes learn how to run, and human can learn all range of things like social skills, Architecture, math, languages or economics.

To me serious games are like mobile apps, they are a solution for a couple of things within a field, meaning that they can do only a couple of things but they do it really good if they are well designed. For example with Google maps you could find out how to get somewhere or where to find yourself in the city, as well by asking to your friend to share his/her position you would know her/his location. Same applies to any game.

For example by playing “Monopoly”,  The mechanics of the game dictate the flow and when the game loop happens.For every turn you are allowed to move on your journey, and trade earning or losing money. The game mechanic of this games allows it to flow in a way were people  having fun will associate emotions to particular memories during this sessions this way the learning becomes deeper in trading, counting and social business like interactions.

To make a game serious you only need a goal!

To us the starting point to beat this brief was to find a problem to tackle, and the more we read or learned about modern art,  the more we realized how little we knew. And when speaking with our peers we found a couple of issues related to this topic that were closer to our heart, and so we decided that we needed to draw people closer to modern art using didacto-ludic elements.

The premise is to use a game frame to make people understand that a person by itself cannot create a piece, for a piece of art to happen it has to be influence by events, places and people. because art is not innocent, art happens because it has a purpose and a message to convey.

Modern Art  revolves around the artistic work produced between the periods of 1860s and 1970s, in this time after the invention of the Photo-camera artists could stop recording history and start experimenting with the aesthetics, this way leaving behind the traditions of the past.

To conclude this Log, we have decided we will call this game “A journey of modern Art”, and this will be a way of allowing people to get closer to art pieces and ideas that changed the world.