“The Bittersweet” – Log Fourteeen

This is the poster presented at the “2nd Virtual Social Inetraction workshop” omn the 12th – 13th, july 2016.

On regards of the idea of bringing a life perspective like the one of an autis- tic person. and placing (a non autistic) person as a protagonist in a IVR medium. using hand tracking, music and a framework of a hidden illness, has stimulated the imagination and emotions of the user making this evident in the written feedback.

A situation that is both challenging and in this case full of beauty, have been to our understanding a very welcome experience by everyone who has tested the IVR installation. and influenced by this we could say that the product we have created fulfills the original requirement.

On regards of the specifications for navigation using the leap motion it have been somehow positive but we know there is still some improvements to do. Probably the software should be upgraded to a new version of Leap motion and instead of V2 (The current core assets we are using) we could upgrade to ’Orion’ and experiment a bit more for a swifter motion.

Anyhow we consider that other features like UX using the Oculus rift imple- mentation, scenes mechanics and effects work well, making this product to function correctly according to initial specifications in the design.

Taking all this elements in account we conclude that this virtual relaity installation has been a success on bringing another perception to neurotypical people and opening a window into what can be done in IVR (immersive Virtual Reality).