“The Bittersweet” – Log Twelve

Learning to deal with challenges… and not to die trying.

User tests is one of the primordial boxes to tick when it comes to software develop. And dealing with technical difficulties could be any developer worst nightmare. so when you are rushing to have a proper user test done because you do need to study for an exam what could go wrong?

Last week with a week in advanced did set up my user tests and asked for a computer that could hold OCULUS SDK 2 + LEAP MOTION  to run tests, however not only was given a computer were I had to install OCULUS RUNTIME, LEAP MOTION V2 and update UNITY plus wait for someone with admin rights to update the graphic cards, this way loosing precious time because apparently after installing Windows10. 

It did not occurred to no one that that machine should have had been made “OCULUS READY” but in top of that I was given a machine that have multiple graphic cards and it’s an issue that Oculus would not work with a machine that has multiple graphic cards unless it is mapped specifically for the rift according to my knowledge. 

I even tried running an old runtime in my mac and see if I could get the dk2 to work as some youtube videos said.. But nothing.

In times like this when you are being tested by life, the best way to get out of it is to smile.. and so I did. I smiled so hard that it was weird.. but by doing this I found great kindness within myself, the kindness that you feel when you see an overworked man that is sick of apologising, the same kindness my tester subject showed to me when they turned up and couldn’t show them my software and they were excited because it was VR!

And life goes on.. and see you guys next week.