“The Bittersweet” – Log Eight

In this Blog I would like to talk about the Programs I am using to create or tweak some of  the assets I am using.

1 ) Crazy Bump / http://www.crazybump.com

This great free to use and open-source program does the heavy lifting on creating reslistic surfaces making your scenes more interesting, This is what I am basing myself on to create my textures. http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-ProceduralMaterial.html


2) ClipGrab / http://clipgrab.org/

One of the challenges I first faced was that I need to have animated movies in the television and in some walls, unfortunately that feature doesn’t exist in the free version of UNITY so to create animated textures and there are in unity a couple of ways you could go on about it, I am using (a) “CLipgrab” to download a movie from youtube and then (b) break the movie into frames in After effects (c) To then use the Automator to name then by number and put them as a texture to create the animation, nice!

3) Photoshop and Illustrator (Adobe) :

This two very versatile pieces of softaware have helped me on constructing the storyboard and to tweak some instances of the assets.

till next week.