The Music Therapy Gloves – Log Two

I have ordered most of the stuff I needed, Its so exciting to choose the stuff from the online store making your imagination to go fizzy thinking.. Omg I can do this, I can do that… Oh wait… let’s better create this!!!

I love the world of Textile electronics!!!!

Well guys I have discovered  this week that the second most important reason why human beings are  at the top of the evolutive ladder it’s because we can make precise hand clips, this allow us to sew, write and do  clinical the way apes can type.. so probably they can  program too.. dunno!

Anyway this week we are solving a problem related to a Lilypad board and the programming chip as they were bought from China If you have any ideas please do let us know how to solve it!!!

Arduino Lilypad ATMEGA328 5v 16MHz version & CH340G Adapter

Besos from London!!!