The Music Therapy Gloves – Log one


For this project I wanted to have fun and create something that would be quirky, fun and meaningful, so what would be better than a musical instrument. The funny thing about music is that modify our mood and has a powerful effect when we listen to it or remember it, and we humans find so much pleasure on it. However, something so perfect as music it’s created with imperfect instruments, and I wanted to be participant on creating one.

This instrument could hel people who for reason do not easily can use their mirror neurons, or for therapy for people who is rehab for their hands.




The idea:

To create gloves that have sensors in the fingers and every time they are touched emit audio signals, each one of them emits a different one, through the speakers located at the back of the palm. And every time the sensor in the ferule is bitten it emits a sound too. Making it really fun to coordinate different tunes with your mouth and fingers.