“The Bittersweet”

This is the first “Log” on following the development of my final project on a Bsc. in creative computing. Where I am to explore the possibilities and challenges of creating an experience in immersive virtual reality, where we will trough an artistic approach experience the wonderful and the awful of living with autism.

Today it was my first meeting with my tutor, we discussed very broadly how I would go on about telling the story in the project, where could I take inspiration from, and how I would explore the possibilities on regards of the software and hardware to be used.

  • In concrete we agreed on that I would start with a scripted storyboard telling the story I wanted to tell from beginning to the end.
  • I would research and document any type of hardware implementation I would find good to enrich this project.
  • And finally I would start writing about my project but before read other papers that she recommended to be inspired and have a taste of how a good paper should be written.

So far I have made a few decisions, (1) this is not a video game and I wish to move away from it, meaning that instead of having a wide range of options for navigation, audio etc. etc. it would be but an interactive cinematic experience made into software, where the user takes front seat and dives into this (2) few minutes of seeing and hearing what the  “other” would do.