I’m a creative technologist, whose work orbits around people interacting with computers, this way using UX methodologies to embark on the iterative process of creating interactive experiences for real needs. I have a strong interest in “Virtual Reality”, and the development of serious games.

Currently, I am completing a PhD program at the University of West Scotland, working on a project involving Paisley´s Disability Resource Centre, and the University of Edinburgh aiming to find the benefits of creating VR experiences with the disability.

In 2017, I completed an MSc. Serious Games and Virtual reality at the Glasgow School of Art, part of the University of Glasgow, where I focused in the use of VR for the promotion of STEM subjects.

In 2016, completed a BSc. in creative computing. My final work was a VR interactive art installation where the spectator could see in an artistic interpretation the way someone with autism might perceive the world.

I love bouncing ideas and chatting with artists, gamers, technologists, filmmakers, and Designers so please get in touch!

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